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May Average

211% Increase in traffic over 17 sites.

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how it works

scheduling your call

During our first 30-minute call, we’ll conduct a short interview to determine your current conversion rate percentages, identify weaknesses within your website where you’re losing the most money, and detail out each online marketing funnel.


The evaluation period usually takes no longer than a one week, which will allow our team to spend the necessary time to research your competition, analyze exclusive insights within your Google Analytics/Hotjar/AdWords and other channels to fulfill a custom auditing process.


One of the many great things working with C4 is how detailed our auditing process entails.  Throughout this phase, you’ll learn exclusive insights within your website you’ve never seen before, discover competitor SEO or CRO secrets, and a whole lot of industry marketing knowledge.  During this phase, we perform a full technical audit, on-page SEO analysis, CRO audit, analytics audit to ensure you’re tracking everything properly, content audit to be sure your current efforts are being maximized, competitive analysis, and backlink audit.

the mission plan

Finally, once we’ve upturned every rock and are looking at everything from a 10,000 ft level, we construct a personalized strategy to improve your website conversions, lower your cost per conversion rate, increase organic traffic, and improve the build of your current paid ad channels.  Maximizing your visitors experience by reducing website page loading speeds, suggesting robust content marketing campaigns that’ll soar your pages past the competition, and targeting the right audience with the right offers are a few ways we help you stand out from the crowd.

we are C4

We’re specialists in reducing customer cost per acquisition, increasing lead volume, increasing conversion rate, and driving qualified traffic.