SEO – Link Building Thoughts August


As Q4 is quickly approaching, this stage in the year I’m normally taking double the time to reflect on both the ways in which I change my life efficiently better and the work that I output for my clients.

Just as I take 30 minutes to reflect each day on what I’ve learned, which includes combing through my notebook (I like to write things down) and then adding additional thoughts or strategies to improve my marketing techniques in a separate journal.  This notebook is the hard copy and blueprint to my success today.

Many of the link building campaigns I’ve ran for both outreach or strategies to cloak link insertion campaigns have stemmed directly from this time I take to stop and reflect which leads me to today’s post.

With the end of the year quickly approaching, I want to be sure my strategies are up to date and performing effectively.  I vigorously check current and past client Google Analytics, run down-and-dirty backlink audits, and check top page percentages.  I do this because I want peace of mind knowing whether or not you’ve worked with me, you’re stilling gaining organic traffic, if not, you can expect an email (and probably 5 follow-ups) asking what the heck is going on because I worked my butt off to set you up for that layup.

I care because with each project I work on, that becomes a case study, a trophy, and reaffirmation for supplementing my soul with fulfillment.

Without it, unfortunately, I just feel like crap.

So, while I was combing through old sites this morning, I stumbled across some analytics.  Where 5/10 of this past clients top pages in GA were still responsible for driving the most amount of organic traffic to their site.  Yeah, I smiled and continued sipping my coffee in contentment.

But, what happened afterward was why I’m writing this post.

I started pulling up old client reports where I carefully detail out exactly what I’m doing for the client and most importantly, why.

I read this.

“We’re not building guest post links with author positions because I’m afraid Google will eventually penalize these placements.”

Just a few years ago, guest posting was pretty simple.  All you really had to do was create an attractive character, build credibility, insert social proof, and offer a valuable enough piece of content and BAM, you’ve landed a nice backlink.

However, the times have changed.

No longer do I want anything that can be associated with an author-bio link, or a title SCREAMING “I’VE PAID FOR THIS GUEST POST” or a “sponsored post.”

Seriously, get that out of my face.

I’m saying there’s a right way to do this, and a wrong way to do this.

If you are outreaching for guest posts, structure your link in a way that makes sense.  Do an expert round-up and submit that as a piece.

Interviews are an excellent way to look natural.

Another example might be contributing a photo where that photo links back to your site.  People are citing sources now more than ever.

That’s an excellent way to look natural.

Have you recently picked up some great PR momentum?  Perfect, now you can ride that wave and release news-story links back to your site.

See what I’m getting at here?

If you’re planning on link building, I suggest you first create the wave before you try and stand up on your short board.

Are you sitting on an inflatable donut or are you surfing the waves?  That’s up to you to decide.

P.S. Thanks Vincent for the metaphorical inspiration.