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SEO – Case Study – 45% Traffic Increase, 68% Revenue Increase

How we Rank Service Pages That Drive Leads and Revenue Creating links to service pages that drive leads isn’t easy. In this case study & campaign we break down a few of the tactics that we used to improve organic traffic by 45% YoY which resulted in a 68% increase in revenue over the past […]

SEO – Case Study – 700+ Backlinks Generated Per Year

How We Created a Blog That Generates 700+ Backlinks Per Year We all know creating content relevant to our services/products improves top-of-funnel traffic & bolsters our relevancy towards these keywords with Google but how do we create a structure & machine that generates more backlinks naturally? For the majority of our clients, we’re running outreach […]

SEO – Case Study – 157% Traffic Improvement – On-Page SEO

Problem The page interrupted what the user was looking for with an un-related video speaking more broadly on the client’s services rather than addressing search intent.  We also lacked keyword targeting within headings and content. Solution 1) Removed banner heading to move content up the page and above the fold. 2) Moved non-keyword related video […]

SEO – Case Study – 513% Traffic Improvement – On-Page SEO

How We Improved Our Client’s Traffic by 513% Their Niche & Competitors Health WebMD (Domain Rating – 92) Mayoclinic (Domain Rating – 85) Problem The page lacked keyword positioning, an relevant date update, and included non-necessary headings. Research 👉 For this project, we analyzed the top 100 search terms driving results for our client within […]