Facebook Ads – Relating to Your Audience

Hello everyone ?, Hope you’re all staying safe and sound through this whole mess. Today, I wanted to write a quick blog showing the power of copy and creative in Facebook ads and some tips to create similar results for your campaigns. For this client spotlight, we’ll be talking about Tom Ferry who primarily targets […]

SEO – Optimizing Content

Optimizing Content for SEO Below is what we’ll address in this article: ? Rewriting for unique content. ? Improving reading levels. ? Adding target keyword within the first 100 words. ? Using keyword variations in H2 elements. ? Using keyword variations within content paragraphs. ? Ensuring the content is helpful to users. Let’s get started. […]

SEO – Optimizing Page URLs

How to Optimize URLs The overall goal with URL optimization is to: Get the target keyword in the URL. Shorten the URL as much as possible and remove any unnecessary “stop words” resource here – GitHub Link. Remove redundancies like, you can see in this URL, if our target keyword was “red dog beds” […]

SEO – Meta Description Optimization

What is a Meta Description? A meta description is an HTML element that is currently at 160 max characters to describe to users searching for our target keywords what our page is about. In the below examples, we’ve outlined where the meta description is displayed during a search result. Understanding Intent Users are in 3 […]