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SEO – Case Study – 467% Traffic Improvement – On-Page SEO Improvements

The Importance of Keyword Targeting Within “King” Positions Problem The page lacked proper keyword targeting in King positions where Google identifies importance & relevancy to web pages. Solution Added target keyword within first sentence of the page. Rewrote sections in bullet points and condensed data / content.  Removed fluff. Simplified heading structure with proper H2’s […]

SEO – Case Study – 182% Traffic Improvement – Improved Meta Description

The Importance of Optimized Meta Descriptions Problem Meta description for this page was over character limit, did not mention the target keyword/phrase users were most often searching for & there was no CTA. Solution Rewrote the description to be under 160 characters. Google stopped using it’s own generated meta description once we replaced the tag. […]

SEO – Case Study – 203% Traffic Improvement – Including Target Keywords in Headings on Pages

The Importance of Headings Within Content Problem The headings within the content weren’t matching identically with the most popular search term for the page. Solution We modified the headings to match with what users were actually typing rather than the variation & saw incredible improvements. Been making quite a few suggestions lately on improving heading […]

Process – Google Analytics – How to Add Users

Adding Users to Google Analytics You can edit the permissions for any user at any level in an Analytics account. For example, if you have given a user Read permission for only a single view, you can subsequently also give the user Edit permission for only that view. Or you can give that user Edit permission at the property level, and […]