Facebook Spotlight

By partnering with agency Convert 4, Tom Ferry simplified and consolidated its creative assets to build and test Facebook photo ads and video ads, using fewer copy and headline variations.

Official Case Studies, Facebook

The Strategy

We’ve spent well over a year (and a few million dollars) collaborating on strategy with the brilliant Tom Ferry team and some of the top real estate professionals in the space to learn what forms of copy, creative, and offers stand out most to our target audiences. While Facebook does have it’s challenges, we were able to bucket the issues and address problems in sprints leading up to our HUGE victory in Q3, 2019. We tested long-form copy, short-form, diverse color pallets, headline variations, account structures, all before finding our system.


After reducing audience overlap and consolidating campaigns in preparation for launching our winning creative, our average CPL, lead volume, and conversion rate improved drastically. Avoiding creative fatigue and preventing large resets of learning phases within the account is crucial towards success.

Our strategy process.