Megan Heinen

He is very easy to work with and seamlessly integrated with the energy and personality of our team. He is a strategic thinker, knowledgeable about the changing landscape of search engine optimization and results oriented. He was very quick to stay on top of new ideas that might benefit our SEO strategy and map out a plan to execute.”

Chief of Staff & Director of Communications. Home Care Assistance

The Strategy

Our approach was simple.

Bucket our most popular and top-performing content articles by category.

Make additional content suggestions at the bottom of each blog article and in a right side-bar.

The hypotheses pointed towards driving additional relevance between content & providing a better user experience.


After implementing our suggested CRO changes, the blog immediately responded within Google Analytics.

Increasing time on page, increasing unique page views, and reducing bounce rate are all going to help us get back on Google’s “good side” while we optimize the rest of their content pages and continually create niche-relevant content.

The video detailing our strategic process is coming soon.