SEO – Optimizing Content

Optimizing Content for SEO Below is what we’ll address in this article: ? Rewriting for unique content. ? Improving reading levels. ? Adding target keyword within the first 100 words. ? Using keyword variations in H2 elements. ? Using keyword variations within content paragraphs. ? Ensuring the content is helpful to users. Let’s get started. […]

SEO – Optimizing Page URLs

How to Optimize URLs The overall goal with URL optimization is to: Get the target keyword in the URL. Shorten the URL as much as possible and remove any unnecessary “stop words” resource here – GitHub Link. Remove redundancies like, you can see in this URL, if our target keyword was “red dog beds” […]

SEO – Meta Description Optimization

What is a Meta Description? A meta description is an HTML element that is currently at 160 max characters to describe to users searching for our target keywords what our page is about. In the below examples, we’ve outlined where the meta description is displayed during a search result. Understanding Intent Users are in 3 […]

SEO – Title Tag Optimization

What are Title Tags? Title tags decide how search engines will read your title. They’re HTML elements of a page that tell search engines what your page is about. Title tags are mostly used to improve the likelihood of users finding our listing in the search results & clicking on it. How to Optimize a […]

SEO – COVID-19 Affecting Lead Gen and Ecommerce

COVID-19 and Traffic & Conversion Trends Here’s How COVID-19 is Affecting the Online World Hello friends, Feel free to navigate this post using the floating table of contents ? up there, or ? over there (depending on what device you’re currently using.) There’s no doubt that there is a lot going on in the world […]

SEO – Organic Traffic Down? Don’t Panic Just finished your monthly reporting and now you’ve noticed the drop in organic traffic? Start with these 3 places first. ? 1. Check the Source and Medium Check the source and medium of where your traffic is coming from and compare those metrics YoY. Paid search will directly influence organic traffic if you were ranking […]

CRO – The P.I.E. Framework to Improve Conversions

In the world of business, it is essential that you have a varied and diverse marketing strategy if you are going to succeed as a market leader. This means having a system in place that allows assessing the best marketing techniques, how effective they, and the best ways of applying them en masse to your […]

SEO – Link Building Thoughts August

As Q4 is quickly approaching, this stage in the year I’m normally taking double the time to reflect on both the ways in which I change my life efficiently better and the work that I output for my clients. Just as I take 30 minutes to reflect each day on what I’ve learned, which includes […]

SEO – Outreach for Link Acquisition Guide

Links have and will be the primary source of ranking factors when it comes to your SEO and organic presence online.  How you go about acquiring these links, who you purchase from, how authoritative the pages are which link to you, where your link is placed, the topic behind the article linking to you, and […]

SEO – 5 Tips for Improving Website Conversions

Investing marketing dollars into paid ads or fulfilling a robust content marketing strategy through outreach to acquire more organic traffic can be a nullified effort without these 5 basic tips for increasing your website’s conversion rate.   Just as driving traffic from the wrong audience or driving traffic from informational based keyword searches, launching content without […]