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How long does it take for backlinks to take effect on SEO?2018-08-12T01:16:09+00:00

There’s several factors that you would need to take into consideration for that question.  How popular or how often the website you acquired a back link from gets crawled by search engine spiders and if you’re submitting the back links to be indexed or not.  If you want to speed things up, I suggest using some type of link indexing software or tool if you don’t want to do it manually.

What is the best span of time to dripfeed backlinks to increase rankings?2018-08-12T01:15:40+00:00


It really depends on how developed your currently back link profile is already.  If it’s a fresh site, then I would definitely drip 5-10 for a month or two before speeding things up.  If it’s an already established website, 1 every other day then be random.  Remember, it’s inconsistency which is important when you’re dealing with anything black hat.

You also want to consider how many back links you’re generating from white hat tactics.  Are you generating any at all?  If not, then you’ll want to be even more random than above.  If so, then it won’t hurt to drip a few more pbn links here and there.

How do I get more sellers and buyers for a gig website similar to Fiverr?2018-08-12T01:15:12+00:00

Well if you were to categorize those three in order of importance, I would say, SEO, Social marketing, and IM.  I put SEO first because most people who are unfamiliar, associate SEO with internet marketing, and of course social marketing is important.

As far as driving visitors to a website such as Fiverr, PPH, Upwork, etc, I would recommend running a Facebook AD Campaign with an incredible offer to buyers that they couldn’t refuse.  Start collecting email addresses ASAP and create a drip campaign to raise awareness to your brand/website.  As far as driving sellers to your marketplace, maybe display your current statistics, traffic, etc.  Case studies always help as well.

What is quality backlinking?2018-08-12T01:14:44+00:00

Quality back linking is the method of creating back links to your website that have great metrics.  To measure the metrics of a website, you’ll want to consider some of the industry standards such as; majestic trust flow, domain authority, Alexa rating, etc.

It’s important to keep in mind that anything that drives traffic and is relative to your industry/website is going to most likely be a home run.

What is the cost of not doing seo?2018-08-12T01:14:16+00:00

I’ll break this down into a two-part segment.  The cost of not doing SEO with a website that is non-established versus a website that is established and has decent traffic.

SEO for a website that has experience and skin in the game on Google, is more likely going to be less work than a website that is newly created or launched.  Either way, you’ll want to perform detailed keyword research and analyze the CPC of potential target keywords that you hope to rank for.  This will give you a general idea on how much that traffic may be worth to you in the long term once your SEO investment has started to pay off.

If you decide SEO is not for you or practical for your website, you may need a fresh perspective of how you will be successful online.  Lastly, a new website does stand a chance online.  Everyone has to start somewhere and the game is always changing.

Another quick tip, perform a Google search for one of the keywords you’d hope to rank for.  Find on page one a few business similar to yours.  How successful do they appear?  If your answer is anywhere above moderately successful, then you should consider SEO as a marketing tool for your business.

The last thing I want to mention here is how working with the wrong SEO, or bad SEO practices may really dig your website into a unwanted ditch.  Learn the terminology, measure the right statistics, and hire very intently.

Are high PR backlink still effective for link building?2018-08-12T01:13:50+00:00

PR as Page Rank I would say yes and no.

The true ranking metrics for evaluating a links worthiness are now commonly referred as Majestic Trust Flow, Moz Domain Authority, and lastly, the ratio between Majestic Trust Flow, Majestic Citation Flow, and Alexa/traffic rating.  SEO’s rely on this information because PR is no longer an easy metric to find updated.

You’ll want to stay within the 1 – 1.8 ratio while link prospecting and to find this number, you simply divide Majestic CF by Majestic TF.  Anything under 1 is amazing and anything over 1.8 should be considered questionable.

Below is an example of a great website with a beautiful TR (trust ratio).  The website displays clean metrics, has a decent Alexa rating, and it’s topical trust flow (website category) pertains to the industry.

Now, this website has poor TR, low Alexa rating, and it’s topical trust flow is all over the place.  This website would not be a good choice to earn a back link from.

Tools used

Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker

Actionable Analytics for the Web


What is an example of a “strong backlink profile”?2018-08-12T01:13:21+00:00

A strong back link profile consists of a healthy variety of links.  I would consider a back link profile that has links coming from niche relevant sites, have a good balance of DA, and TF so that the profile looks natural, and the anchor text is not looking spammy, to be a strong back link profile.

There are other factors to consider such as implementing .gov and .edu links which are always a nice addition when done properly.  These sites can be found by looking at educational colleges or student blogs and most charities or non-profits.  Resource links are easily obtainable for .gov and .edu links.

Thirdly, I would say image based links such as an evergreen infographic or slideshow will definitely put the finishing touches on any link building effort to increase a websites rankings or traffic.

Lastly, PBN (private blog network) links to supplement the link building efforts and to push competitive keywords to top 3.  Be careful with these because there is a lot of risk mitigation involved.

What are the best sites to buy backlink or article post link for seo?2018-08-12T01:12:51+00:00

The best option to “buy” back links if you are heading toward that route is to look for or build an outreach team.  Most authority sites will charge you for a publication unless you are spending top dollar on the content which in my experience, usually surpasses the cost of the link itself.

Scrape some footprints start emailing out to your potential link prospects or hire someone to do that for you.

What is the best approach to get backlinks for SEO? Quality, non-spam links to a new site?2018-08-12T01:12:22+00:00

Three strategies I use on fresh sites.

  1. Infographic design + promotion – You can design a helpful infographic that answers some problem in your industry and then promote the same piece to relevant blogs and websites in your niche.  Include a short write up.
  2. Press release & distribution – You’ll want to diversify your anchor text as quickly as possible, especially if you’re planning on incorporating some risque strategies down the road.
  3. Product reviews / guest posts / community posts – Get your name out there.  Especially if you have a product, you’ll want the top review sites in the industry reviewing your products to their audience(offer them a commission and a ref link, it helps).  Get content published on other blogs by performing outreach and pitching article ideas.  Submit content to community sites or article submission sites that are niche relevant.  Stay away from spam article sharing sites.
How do I get white hat do follow backlinks which don’t harm my website and no tricks that Google does not accept?2018-08-12T01:11:56+00:00

Here’s one idea, since you are a wedding photographer, I would upload (with your clients permission) your favorite wedding photos to photo sharing websites like

Flickr, a Yahoo company

and then once a month, do a reverse image search on Google and see if anyone has used your images on their blogs.  If they have, kindly reach out and ask for a do-follow link back to your site. (given the website has the right metrics and would be of value)

Do A Lot Spam Backlinks to 404 pages that never existed on my site hurt SEO, SEM and SERP efforts?2018-08-12T01:11:22+00:00

The short answer is, yes.  The problem with acquiring any type of link now is that even though you may be able to get it removed or disavowed, the aftereffect may still leave some type of residual damage.  I don’t have a good reason as to why Google hasn’t fully fixed this problem but the good news is that you can continue link building correctly and rarely find this a true issue.

Just recently I had a similar problem with a website I was consulting for and I eventually just disavowed every single link that had spammy anchor text or was coming from a foreign source.

Now, keep in mind that while the disavow tool has a wide range of controversy attached to it’s definition, it worked for me.  It may not be the same for your website.  If you’re new to disavowing links, please do as much research as possible to fully understand what you’re about to do. (I’ve made mistakes with this method I really wish I hadn’t)

Looking at your anchor text, it seems you had a very similar issue to what I was dealing with.  You have quite the variety of Japanese anchors which is never a good sign but the website doesn’t seem to be deindexed so you still have hope.

Are there still spammy links coming to your website as of today?

I see you’ve been doing quite a bit of blog commenting.

What software should I use to create backlinks with a CSV file of 1000 domains?2018-08-12T01:10:54+00:00

Hey Jayla,

Any of these domains worthy of a back link are going to require some manual effort either from your end or a hired party. Either way, I’d need to know more detail such as: where did you find these back links, why you’re trying to create 1,000 back links, where your current website is right now, and what is your end goal?

1,000’s of back links are no longer necessary to rank websites unless you’re competing in the top percent of difficult niche markets. In that case, your SEO budget or link building budget would need to surpass quite large numbers. We’re talking 10’s to 100’s of thousands.

With that being said, without having further knowledge on your website, I would suggest looking at some of your competitors and taking their domain age (that it’s been registered) with them, you can check this at Way Back Machine and then find the total of Referring Domains and make a simple equation.

Divide the number of referring domains the website has as back links by the number of months the website has been registered with that business. The number you’ll end up with is a good indicator of how many back links your competitors are averaging per month and will determine how aggressive your marketing efforts may need to be to achieve similar results.

Hope this helps, if you need any other assistance.

What is the best software related businesses I could start right now at 17?2018-08-12T01:10:18+00:00

SEO, content writing/marketing, outreach, basically anything pertaining to online marketing is highly profitable right now. If you develop an awesome tool, that maybe no one else has developed and employ great customer service, you’ll enjoy the beautiful margins subscription based software has to offer right now.

It’s competitive, but if you understand how to market your company or partner with someone who knows marketing. I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

Best of luck

How do SEO and mobile SEO differ? Do I need a mobile version of my site to rank higher in mobile searches?2018-08-12T01:09:52+00:00

You definitely need to have a mobile version of your website, just for UX purposes. No one enjoys scrolling through a “desktop version” of a website on their mobile device. Think of it as a convenience for your customers and future customers.

Aside from ensuring your website is mobile friendly, I have not lifted a finger in promoting my websites as mobile friendly and I have still seen the same growth as before.

My advice is, ensure your website is mobile friendly and continue link building and promoting great content.

What is the most effective way to learn SEO without any cost?2018-08-12T01:09:23+00:00

Hey there,

The best way to learn SEO is to study and practice. Build a website or a blog through WordPress, read up on best practices through beginner websites like Moz.com and join community groups to ask for help. This won’t be a walk in the park I’d you’re new to the field but with the right dedication, you’ll learn quickly.

Best of luck!

Which Black Hat SEO technics should you use for getting more traffic?2018-08-12T01:08:55+00:00

At an expert level, PBN’s.

If you want to rank in competitive niches, hire a professional or spend some time learning how to build a private blog network. PBN’s when done correctly will overpower your competition.

What SEO agencies would you recommend for working as freelancer?2018-08-12T01:08:27+00:00

SEO agencies may not be your best option but you can look for local businesses on Craigslist posting ads hiring a “marketing” or “seo” person and apply for those. Upon interviewing, i’d recommend being open and honest about your position and showing them how it would be beneficial to hire you off-site.

Be responsible and I have no doubt you’ll land a great gig.

Also, you could look into freelancing on websites such as; peopleperhour.comupwork.com, source university, etc. These websites do get high amounts of traffic and some even offer the ability to promote your “gig” or “service” to receive more proposals. As with anything, this isn’t a handout and is competitive but if you put your best foot forward, you will succeed.

Best of luck,

How much content is indexed on Quora?2018-08-12T01:07:57+00:00

According to Google, there are approximately 16,500,000 pages indexed and according to Bing, there are approximately 90,000,000 pages indexed. Search engines like Yahoo and Bing are a little more lenient when it comes to crawling websites and receiving information, whereas Google is very strict. That would be my best guess to the difference in indexed pages.

Hope that helps,

What is a good method to build natural rel=”dofollow” backlinks for a website without paying for the links?2018-08-12T01:07:25+00:00

This is a tough answer. As with mostly everything, you kind of get what you pay for. I can’t think of one way without paying for links with either time or money. The bottom line is they’re going to cost you one or the other.

If you’re looking to earn backlinks without using money as a resource, I suggest creating some sort of skyscraper piece of content, infographic, video, etc about your topic and then sharing this piece with relative blogs in your niche. It also help to share across social media platforms and Q&A sites like http://Quora.com.

If you’re looking to earn backlinks without using time as a resource, you have a lot of work cut out for you. Start by building these backlinks yourself, then create step-by-step processes or SOPs and hire freelancers to complete the work for you. Essentially you’d want to create your own assembly line, breaking down each step of the way and then hiring to fill those positions.

Or, you can find the 1 in 10 agency that’s actually going to provide real SEO to you as a service.

Best of luck to you!

Has anyone had luck with a freelancer or SEO company doing backlinks for your website?2018-08-12T01:07:00+00:00

Yes and no.

I have tried hiring or working with freelancers to supplement my link-building work load in the past and have had tremendous success and tremendous failure.

Failure – Hiring a freelancer to build links to my site using their own methods and strategies. Turns out, the “guest posts” were pbn links, the Q&A or forum links were spam, and some of the damage was irreversible. I spent 10x the amount of resources I spent paying the freelancer attempting to fix the damage done to my website.

Success – Hiring a virtual assistant to follow my SOP’s or guidelines to my OWN link building methods. Methods I knew were safe enough, effective, powerful, and simple enough for someone with minimal knowledge to understand. Smart marketing means maximizing your talents and resources. For me, my talent was taking complicated link building techniques and dividing the mind from the body. The body being the machine that runs the link building techniques and the mind would be the strategy and systems in place to ensure it’s running correctly.

Summary – If you can create your own procedures on the types of links you wish to acquire. All that’s left is hiring freelancers to follow your sop’s. Manage and monitor, then sit back and watch the links roll in.

If you don’t have time to do something like this, reach out to me and I’ll see what I can share with you to get you going in the right direction.

Good luck,

How can I unlist my website from one countries Google?2018-08-12T01:06:30+00:00

I’m not sure about removing your listing as that may effect your rankings on other SE’s. I would suggest going with a hosting provider with the capability.

You’ll want to look for:

  1. Bare metal servers or VPS
    1. Companies
      1. InMotionHosting
      2. Rackspace
  2. Use a CDN
    1. Anything with built in geo-tools can be used to restrict access to content, images, videos, etc.
  3. Last resort – fill your htaccess with thousands of lines of IPs
    1. JK, don’t do that
    2. Check out Apache Modules

Hope that helps and let me know how it turns out!

How do I get backlinks for a b2b website if all the relevant websites in a niche are competitors?2018-08-12T01:05:52+00:00

Hey Mitchell Dosney Dost ,

You’ll want to start exploring the “shoulder niche.”

I think it was Brian Dean who elaborated on this in his SEO That Works workshop.

To summarize – Start thinking about the niche’s within your niche. For example, if your website is in the pest control niche (something extremely difficult to advertise, promote information, create enticing copy, etc, I think you get it) it may feel impossible to earn quality back links. To conquer this niche, the SEO decided to create a guestographic (infographic but published as a guest post for links) on “Do it Yourself Organic Garden Pest Control.”

As you can tell from the headline, it’s clearly not just about pest control or how the industry works overall. The seo chose to incorporate a large shoulder niche (gardening) and the niche in which he wanted to market (pest control.) By tying the two together, you’ll open your doors to many more possibilities than you could ever imagine.

Hope this helps, let me know how it works out or if you’d like to brainstorm together!

I need to grow sustainable organic search traffic to my website with a budget of $2,000/mo or less. How do I spend this money?2018-08-12T01:05:21+00:00

The right answer is: it depends.

Send me your website URL and I’ll write you a custom proposal with direction on how to fulfill it for free. There’s no way for me to suggest spending without looking at a website beforehand. I could offer generic marketing ideas or tips but that would not be the best way to utilize your limited budget.

My 3 steps for success – fix, optimize, and build links.

Considering 75% of my website traffic comes from Facebook how can I identify what prompted customers to visit it?2018-08-12T01:04:54+00:00

Hey there,

I would recommend going into your analytics and finding which pages are being visited the most as referral sources from Facebook. Secondly, I would browse through Backlink Checker & SEO Report and input these urls and check out the “Best by Shares” category.

You can see that here 2016-06-08_1555 – Bojyy’s library. This will show you which pages were shared the most from a website visit standpoint.

Hope this helps!

What are efficient ways to slowly build backlinks to a broad product review authority site?2018-08-12T01:04:25+00:00

Hey Nathaniel,

Create a “badge” or “certificate” of some sort as a reward for some product reviewed by your website. For example (2016-06-08_1605 – Bojyy’s library) Send this badge to the product’s websites to display on their site as a prestigious honor by receiving a review from your site. People love good feelings and people love rewards so play that game.

Include link and it’s good game.

Best of luck!

What happens if you overoptimize your seo?2018-08-12T01:03:50+00:00

There’s a couple things that may happen when you over optimize your SEO efforts.

  1. Your site will drop in rankings
  2. Your website will be judged by Google’s web spam team and de-indexed (very rare, if you know what you’re doing)
  3. Nothing

It’s all risk mitigation in my book. So my best best advice, if you’re planning on over optimizing, just plan on eventually losing your website. The pros do not outweigh the cons here. Be smart, be tactful, and don’t over optimize.

I have a 9 years old domain with a lot of blog comment backlinks. Do I need to disavow the backlinks?2018-08-12T01:03:25+00:00

No, you don’t need to disavow the back links unless they’re completely spammed. The links are already built and the damage/help has already been established. Disavowing these links would be a waste of your time to evaluate which are spammy and which are not. I would say your resources could be spend elsewhere on earning quality back links from new sources.

I would implement this test, because in reality, we really do not know what we “need” to do in SEO unless we test the site.

Build a few contextual back links with safe anchors, let’s say “business name” or “website.com” etc. Index these links and see how well the website moves. If it moves up in the SERPS, then great news, you don’t need to disavow.

Why do TLDs other than “.com” seldom appear in Google search results?2018-08-12T01:02:48+00:00

Figured this would would be a nice answer to warm up on.

ICANN labels different categories of TLDs dependent upon a few interweb traditions. Some of those include, country codes, generic, sponsored, and then with the newest addition of .diamond, .marketing, you name it. Once the internet was entered into existence, there had mainly been three different TLDs or top level domains.

  1. .COM
  2. .NET
  3. .ORG

Because of seniority and trust, we mainly see these TLDs taking up the majority of search results pages. I believe in January of 2014, there’s been hundreds of new generic TLDs ready for registration, and to date, I have no idea, nor do I care. Don’t waste your time purchasing these generic TLDs.

My thoughts: as with anything that is becoming saturated, there comes new ideas for sales. Hence, generic TLDs were born.

What are the best SEO & web marketing online magazines?2018-08-12T01:02:19+00:00

I’m going to make this short and sweet.

If you are just learning, Find a mentor.

If you are experienced, you should have already found your list of favorite SEO influencers and private groups.

And remember, if it works, everyone is probably not out there talking about it.

Here’s some blogs where I’ve found valuable information. SEO consists of two parts. Link building is how high you rank and content is where you rank.

Here’s some things you NEED to know.

Link Building Resources:

How to Build Backlinks in 2017 (NEW Guide)

On-Page SEO:


Hope this helps, feel free to reach out if you need anymore help.

Does creating backlinks using URL shortening services hurt our SEO?2018-08-12T01:01:51+00:00

The short answer, I’d think so if the URL shortening service did not include a 301 redirect.

Also, here are some questions I’d ask myself before using URL shortening service or any ‘new’ technique.

Can you imagine Google devaluing URL shortening sometime in the future?


Will it be worth to fix it if they do? How much time will that take? How much money will you lose?

May the SERPS be with you.

Do images in blog posts help SEO?2018-08-12T01:01:17+00:00


Create a few posts with images and run a few without while running a split A/B test.

Your SEO is positively effected if:

  1. Users spent more time on your page
  2. Your page had a lower bounce rate

In some niche markets like alternative investments or wealth preservation, the audience isn’t so intrigued by pictures but more so by relative, to-the-point, and informative content.

In situations like this, I wouldn’t recommend adding a photo just to get an img alt tag in for your target keyword. It likely won’t matter.

On-page metrics don’t account for much these days.

Anyhow, I’d test it. We can speculate all day on whether or not it would positively or negatively effect your SEO but the significance of this one change is small in comparison to the data you’d receive by running split tests.

Hope this helps,

Is Google indexing PDFs with only images?2018-08-12T01:00:47+00:00

PDF’s are indexed as PDF’s. You’ll notice on the SERPs there are occasionally PDF’s ranking organically.

Google will index them. If you’re publishing them server side and there’s a URL attached, you can manually submit them via Search Console for practically immediate indexation.

If that option won’t work, try sharing across social media channels, twitter usually does the trick for me.

On-page SEO Vs Off-page SEO: Which Is Most Important for website?2018-08-12T01:00:18+00:00

The answer is whatever the website needs.

A website can have a stellar backlink profile and still not rank. On the contrary, a website can have 1,000’s of content articles where they haven’t been properly optimized for semantic search, poor keyword research and topic selection lead to keyword cannibalization, etc. and still not rank.

Without first doing your due diligence, there’s no way of telling which a website needs more, on-page or off-page SEO.

What are the best 4 on-page SEO procedures?2018-08-12T00:59:49+00:00

I’m not going to list specific strategies here because those factors are going to differ per search result and what’s being ranked already on the first page.

So here we go:

#1) Mimic – quickly identify what the first page is ranking to determine the intent of the user. If 8/10 results on the first page contain a product, be sure to have a product on that page. Mimic the word count only slightly greater. Utilize semantic search to it’s fullest and be sure to include words which are heavily weighted on the first page.

#2) Have good markup and a healthy balance of visual designs to text ratios.

#3) TF*IDF

#4) Internal linking – Do not use the same keyword twice when interlinking, flow your link juice from your strongest linking pages back to your money pages which you want ranked, develop a strong supporting content strategy to drive relevance, avoid click-depths farther than 4 clicks for important pages you want to rank, etc.

In SEO, why is black hat SEO a bad choice?2018-08-12T00:59:12+00:00

I wouldn’t say black hat SEO is a bad choice and good choice.

Black hat SEO comes down to a couple things.

  1. The more resources you have, the more you can test, the faster you can figure out filters for pbn’s, scale building burn sites for new strategies, and afford to have a money site go down temporarily.
  2. If you’re buying black hat services, you better make sure you have a top-tier provider who you can trust.
  3. If you’re performing black hat services on a client, they better understand the risks involved, if you’re performing black hat SEO for yourself then you should understand the risks yourself.

It’s true, good black hat will rank websites more affordably and likely more quickly (unless you’re comparing a legitimate viral marketing campaign that drives tons of contextual links on authority sites) and it’s a foolish mistake to utilize only one skill to rank. Most professionals in the industry have stellar white hat marketing campaigns through content creation, promotion, social, outreach links, and more while building pbn’s in the back.

Hope this helps.

Should we add a main blog homepage URL or article URL for building backlinks?2018-08-12T00:58:39+00:00

Depending on how you’re going about acquiring links will change the answer to this question. Overall, it’s most important to keep things looking natural. If 99% of your backlinks are all going to your homepage and the other 50 blog posts you’ve written do not contain a single link, things are going to look suspicious.

From Google’s perspective, if you’re writing very well written and engaging content that’s shareable, it makes sense that these articles would gain links over time so you’ll want to throw links at them. Besides, spreading your links will allow you control over your internal anchors and powering your most important pages which drive the most leads/revenue.

Don’t just depend on your home page.

Hope this helped.

How do I find hidden keywords from other websites?2018-08-12T00:58:06+00:00

If you have the time, and you want all of them, you can do what I do.

  1. Brain storm a list of popular industry keywords.
  2. Run a TF*IDF analysis of your target keywords, then run each of those terms through a scraper like keyword snatcher. You’re going to end up with 10’s of thousands of keywords. Some will be relevant, some will not.
  3. Filter out anything irrelevant.
  4. Create content buckets and segregate keywords into those buckets to determine how, why, and what types of content you’re going to need to create to rank for those keywords.

Good luck,

Are free backlink pinging services safe for a website, and where do I go ping my backlinks?2018-08-12T00:57:36+00:00

I wouldn’t ping your backlinks. Google has been slapping submitted indexing left and right. First it was search console, then it was mobile compatibility check + submit, then it was throttling crawl budget.

They obviously have a lot of their attention focused on addressing these problems that spammers like to exploit for mass page builds or GSA campaigns. I’d stay away from it but that’s just my opinion.

The best thing you can do is get your links social shares and share them across social networks. Create a network to do this if you have to and don’t make it obvious. You really don’t want your competition finding your alt-social account where you’ve been posting links to all your PBN’s.

How do I transfer all the backlinks from my expired site to my new site which has the same content as my old site?2018-08-12T00:57:00+00:00

I’d suggest strategically 301’s from your old content pages to your new content pages. Other than that, you can use the moving man method.

Which is basically this: you reach out to all your previous backlinks and request them to change the links to the newly updated page/URL. It’s a lot more time and quite tedious but you’re retaining 100% of the juice of each link you change rather than running with the 301 strategy.

What is the real impact of relative vs. absolute URLs in SEO?2018-08-12T00:56:29+00:00

I don’t have a definitive answer for you because I’d need to test it but I’ll give you an answer based on other correlating factors I’ve seen.

As we’ve seen throughout the years and it’s not hard to identify, Google does not favor anything that is more convenient or easier on the user in regards to SEO or ranking organically.

Sure, they want their search engine to provide the best results but their desire to bring more customers into their Google Ads supersedes any of the aforementioned items.

To make things simple, relative URLs are more convenient and thus are not favored by Google. I’d recommend using absolute URLs.

Hope this helps,

What is better for an SEO, short numeric or ‘friendly ID’ type URL?2018-08-12T00:54:58+00:00

I wouldn’t recommend using 200 characters within your URLs and friendly is likely better in most situations.

Keep your URLs as short as possible containing your target keyword and avoid competing pages or keyword cannibalization.

So if your article title is “The best types of collars for dogs”, structure it something like this.




Avoid any stop words like “of” or “for.”

Sometimes you’ll find garbage examples counteracting these suggestions but there’s likely more to it than that as to why that page is ranking such as links or engagement.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

How can I create a high PR backlink for any site?2018-08-12T00:54:29+00:00

I think the question is geared towards PR links specifically and not the type of links you can build. On the other hand, they could be talking about page rank which I’m really hoping is not the case, I haven’t heard this term being used in months or maybe years now.

To generate high PR backlinks, you must do something news worthy. Sponsor a local event, get involved, throw a fundraiser, driven attention towards something important within your community but avoid anything political or potentially harmful to your reputation in high controversial topics.

To generate high page rank (it just feels ridiculous saying this out loud) links, create something of value that authority sites do not have. Most often we find this being the case for web-based tools, in-depth research papers, expert roundups, etc.

How can you get 100 USA backlinks without spending anything?2018-08-12T00:53:52+00:00

You’re either going to spend time or money creating a viral piece of content (unlikely) or reverse engineering your competitors link profiles to replicate their links or time investing into manual outreach without any tools.

I’d personally start with reverse engineering my competition and building the links they’ve obtained, that’ll be the easiest and most affordable route if you’re short on funds.

When guest posting, in regards to the backlink only, how important is the quality of the article?2018-08-12T00:53:20+00:00

This is actually a great question and thank you for asking it.

I’ve found that by investing the appropriate amount of funds to write a high-quality and well-written article to supply as a guest post to your opportunities not only increasing the success rate of them being posted but also keeps the door slightly open for building legitimate tier 2 links down the road.

What I like to do with my outreach campaigns is run a resource link campaign where I’m promoting my existing guest posts on high-authority sites to aged pages to link to. This is a much easier task as you’re not promoting “yourself” and the trust is already established because most of the time, the resource linker knows the authority source.

Once they link to those pages as a resource, BOOM, you’re gaining white-hat tier 2 links my friend and that’s the same as grocery shopping with coupons when you know you have millions in the bank.

Be resourceful, invest in high-quality articles, and reap the benefits later on. The payout is much greater.

Which backlinks are the strongest?2018-08-12T00:52:29+00:00

The strength of a backlink derives from the collective power of internal links pointing to that page from the domain and external links pointing to the page linking out to you plus a handful or two of other factors.

Websites who don’t link out often and with the combined elements above are going to likely move the needle if you’re crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s everywhere else in SEO.

Oh, and of course, any link that isn’t manually reviewed :).

Which link-building strategy still works for you in 2018?2018-08-12T00:48:35+00:00

Here’s my current stack:

  1. In-content link posts (that aren’t labeled guest posts on the site)
  2. PBN’s
  3. Resource link building
  4. Video embeds
Is there such a thing as a Google sandbox?2018-08-12T00:44:29+00:00

Yes, very much so. It’s annoying now more than ever.

There’s a few different types though that people are referring to being ‘sandbox.’

There’s a repurposing algo, example showing that maybe you just purchased an expired domain which used to be a firefighter station but now you’re using it as an affiliate back-flow review site. Relative niche, but two completely different purposes.

Another period people refer to being sandboxed is when you’ve freshly launched a new website and are beginning to build links and publish content but nothing is moving or happening. This period of time is known as a sandbox and depending on how much you really know can take weeks or may take 8+ months is the longest I’ve seen on one of my sites.

What should be the dofollow and nofollow backlinks balance for a website?2018-08-12T00:41:33+00:00

The answer is whatever balance your competition who’s killing it on the first page for your target keywords is at.

You can find this information out by utilizing an SEO tool like Ahrefs or if you’re worried about your competition spyder spanking or blocking crawlers, try another third-party tool just launched to market within the last 3 months ~ usually does the trick!

How do I tell if my SEO links are dodgy?2018-08-12T00:40:59+00:00

Here’s my criteria and why I’m not sold crappy links:

  • Is the site ranking for keywords and receiving organic traffic? (answer: yes)
  • Are there other pages like the one I’m getting placed on ranking or receiving traffic? (answer: yes)
  • Are there other pages like the one I’m getting placed on receiving links from other high-quality sites as well? (no pbn’s, tier-2 spam, etc.) (answer: yes)
  • Does the site I’m receiving a link from have content that matches my niche? Or is it at least considered a shoulder niche? (answer: yes)
  • Does the site I’m receiving a link from look authentic and is not a pbn? (unless you’re buying pbn’s this is okay) (answer: yes)
  • Do the sites that this site links out to look spammy? (answer: no)

If you can pass these points above, I’d say you have a pretty safe bet. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, I understand that but this should cover your boundaries.

Is it bad for SEO to change your posts2018-08-12T00:42:46+00:00

This answer could go both ways. Let’s play it out, shall we?

Let’s say you’re facing a keyword cannibalization issue and you’ve written about the same topic 10’s of times with the same target keyword in the slug with 60%+ matching search results per “unique topic” you’ve written.

No, changing your URL slug would actually be a good thing. It’s time to de-optimize your page and get your site silo in check.

On the other hand, if your page is ranking well and is receiving majority traffic share from the first page results & you want to change the slug, then yeah, I’d say it is a bad idea. Changing your slug is circumstantial and should only be done when you’re facing an issue.

Is Moz Local Worth the Investment for my Local Business?2018-08-12T00:43:16+00:00

No it’s not.

I went through a huge citation audit for a client awhile back, there were 1,000’s of incorrect citations. These are horrible to fix, I mean gut wrenching. Moz local’s solution did not do very much.

Here’s what I suggest:

  • build new citations (with correct NAPW) on top of what you have.
  • Be niche specific.
  • Don’t make any duplicates.
  • Get some paid local sponsorships.
  • If you have the skills, build some good links to those citations (indexed only).

Good luck,

What is the best way to do Dofollow backlinking by commenting?2018-08-12T00:43:39+00:00

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Comment links aren’t worth the effort if you’re using them for SEO purposes which I believe that’s what you’re talking about here by mentioning dofollow.