Hi, so you want to run some email marketing campaigns huh?

Well look no further, below is our master list of ideas.

Email Campaign Considerations

  1. Some, if not all of the following email campaigns can be broken up into three different emails. 1) Here’s what’s coming, 2) Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, and 3) Here’s what you missed but coming up next or offer an extended sale.

Email Topic Ideas

QR Code

  1. Strategy – Create QR code sending to sales page.
  2. Subject – Only a friend can help you
  3. Content – Could you find a friend to scan this QR code in the next hour? Those who do will be in for a treat!
  4. Bonus – Send this as an SMS campaign.

Spin to Win

  1. Strategy – Utilize some sort of discount roulette wheel to offer discounts, coupons, and promotions with an enter email CTA.
  2. Subject – Have you won today?
  3. Content – Hi (first name), have you seen our new Spin the Wheel prizes? Our friend Mat tried his luck with our “wheel of fortune” on convert4.com and won $20 off his order. Check your luck here – link.

2 for 1

  1. Strategy – Buy one get one free.
  2. Subject – There’s a free _____ in this email for you
  3. Content – Hi (first name), it’s about that time of year when the sun is shining more than ever and we all know you look great in hats. I’d be doing the public a disservice by not giving you a free hat with your next purchase. Shop here – link.

Themed Day

  1. Strategy – Create a themed day. For example, you’re selling sweatshirts and the email is scheduled for Sunday. “Sweaty Sunday”
  2. Subject – Sweaty Sunday is Back – Buy any Sweatshirt GET 1 FREE
  3. Content – Hi (first name), sweaty isn’t always a bad thing. This Sunday only, we’re offering a free sweatshirt to anyone who purchases one of our delectable hoodies or sweatshirts in our store here – link.

Anti-Holiday Sales

  1. Strategy – I think this one speaks for itself.
  2. Subject – Memorial Day
  3. Content – Hi (first name), today we aren’t focused on sales, we’re focused on honoring the lives of soldiers who gave their lives so that we will have the freedom to live ours. We thank those that are no longer around to hear our gratitude and express our appreciation to those who are. Happy Memorial Day. – Brand

Made With _______

  1. Strategy – Emphasize something special about your product, what it’s made with, where it’s made, what are you differentiated by from your competitors? etc.
  2. Subject – USA made hats: 3 for $55
  3. Content – Hey there (first name), we’re doing 3 hats for $55 today only. Use the code TODAY55 at checkout. Shop our hats here – Link.


  1. Strategy – New. Anything new going on. Did you drop a new case study? New clothing item? New service offering?
  2. Subject – Check this out
  3. Content – Hi (first name), we just dropped 10 new tee shirt designs. You can check them out here. – Link

This Item is Back in Stock

  1. Strategy – Just as the name states. Send out an email update when products are back in stock to past purchasers or those who haven’t purchased yet. Both work great.
  2. Subject – Notification: They’re back in stock
  3. Content – Hey (first name), great news! I made a mental note to let you know when our hats made it back in stock. Secondly, (double great news) they’re on sale! – Link