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101.22% More Revenue

At Petmate, the love and passion that forges the bond we have with our furry and feathered companions also fuels the dedication in their products.

137.58% More Traffic

The team exudes passion & enthusiasm every step of the way, building their goal of delivering excellence for the well-being of your pets.

14.58 X ROI The Results

By implementing single-variable testing across our on-page optimizations and using the Convert 4 team’s system of content creation, internal linking, and on-page SEO, we’ve grown our search traffic by +137.58% and +101.22% in organic revenue in just 6 months.

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The Strategy

In the research phase of our SEO campaign with Petmate, we immediately identified that the site had huge potential due to the existing link profile. Most websites that are 5+ years of age have great profiles but lack the ability to utilize this untapped potential. In phase 2, we began testing and quickly figured out what messaging, content, keywords, and strategy resonated within the pet niche. In phase 3, we started correcting technical issues with Petmate’s development team & improving site architecture and navigation.


The Execution

Competitors within the pet niche are highly competitive. To bring Petmate up the ranks, some of the items we actioned on were building powerful links through outreach, optimizing & driving traffic through to key pages, and improving our URL structure.

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