How to Headlines

  1. How to [Do Something]
  2. How to [Do] (Modifier) [Something] (Specifier)
  3. How to [Do Something] without [Undesired Outcome]
  4. How to [Do Something] Like a [Desired Person]
  5. How to [Do Something] in [Short Time] (or Less)
  6. [#] Ways to [Do Something]
  7. How to [Achieve Desired Outcome]
  8. How to [Achieve] (Modifier) [Desired Outcome] (Specifier)
  9. How to [Avoid] [Undesired Outcome] (Specifier)
  10. How to Be [Desired Person/Trait] (Specifier)
  11. [#] Steps to [Desired Outcome] (Modifier)
  12. [#] Ways to [Achieve Desired Outcome]
  13. [#] (Modifier) Ways to [Achieve Desired Outcome] (Specifier)
  14. How to [Desired Outcome A] and [Desired Outcome B]
  15. How to [Select] an [Important Object] (Specifier)
  16. How to [Decide] a [Course of Action] (Specifier)

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Lists and Listicles

  1. [#] [Tips] for [Achieving Desired Outcome]
  2. [#] (Modifier) [Tips] for [Achieving Desired Outcome]
  3. [#] (Intensifier) [Tips] for [Achieving Desired Outcome] (Modifier)
  4. [#] [Secrets] for [Achieving Desired Outcome] (Specifier)
  5. [#] (Modifier) [Things] Only [Target Audience] Will [Understand]
  6. [#] (Modifier) [Things] [Target Audience] Needs to Know