Why is it so hard for many businesses to seal up their sales process? And what about those pesky shopping cart abandonment rates that are out of control – well, there’s no need to worry! Convert4 is about to explain. In this article, we’ll talk about the causes behind purchase lapse and offer solutions to decrease cart abandonment rate.

What is Cart Abandonment?

When a customer adds items to their cart but leaves without completing the purchase, you’ve experienced what’s called shopping cart abandonment. This scenario is vitally essential for businesses as it directly impacts customer conversion rates and revenue, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. A high shopping cart abandonment rate usually means there are elements in your checkout process or experience causing inaccessibility and confusion- something you should work to eliminate.

Reasons For Shopping Cart Abandonment

Everyone is busy nowadays, so providing a seamless online shopping experience is valuable. Listed below are reasons for traffic to abandon their carts while shopping.

  1. Account registration requirement
  2. Limited payment options
  3. Lengthy checkout process
  4. Vague policies on refund and return
  5. Unwanted shipping costs
  6. Limit on product quantity
  7. Site performance issues

Cart Optimization Tips

Stop making your customers think! Following these cart optimization tips, you will promote a streamlined shopping experience.

  1. Presence of progress bars – having a progress bar in the checkout process tells customers where they are and what they need to do next. It can also motivate them to buy when they see how close they are to completion.
  2. Clear store and cart navigation – Your customers deserve quick and easy access to your products without much hassle. It’s essential to make it convenient for them to check out as fast as possible without worry. Some stores allow shoppers to place an order right from the product page, which lets them skip extra steps like clicking through pages or logging into their account altogether.
  3. Broaden payment options – Try to offer as many payment options as possible for each product. In the ever-changing world of electronic payments, it is vital that you give your customers enough votes so they don’t have to waste time looking for different ways to pay. Ensure you include the most common methods your target audience uses, so there are no bumps in their checkout process. And if you sell a product at a high price, allow them to pay overtime so they can afford it without breaking their budget!
  4. Reliable refund and return policy – Refund and return policies are essential for online shopping because you can’t try on clothes in person or see if an item looks right. A good return policy reassures shoppers, so include this information upfront and let them know it exists.
  5. Add live chat support function – Offer traffic an opportunity to contact customer service through a chat window at checkout. Live chat allows shoppers to ask specific questions to complete transactions or check further information and reflects an excellent customer service platform like physical stores.

Online shoppers do have limited time to browse and shop, so it’s best to put up with tactics that will provide them with a friendly shopping experience. So, there you have it! You are now more familiar with how to decrease the cart abandonment rate!