Typically for landing pages presenting a service offering, download, or product will change our approach to the copy on the page.

Below we’ll list out examples of each.

Landing Page Copy – PDF Offer Download

Section #1 – Above the Fold

  • Headline
  • List of benefits (typically top 3)
  • CTA #1
  • Review (typically the best review you can find, we usually scour Google reviews, Yelp, etc.)

Section #2 – Below the Fold

  • Social proof (use trust badges like certifications, online news mentions, total review counts, average star ratings, etc.)

Section #3 – How to Get…

  • Headline – How to Get (product, service, or desired outcome) in 3 Easy Steps
  • List – 3 steps (visual representation with icons)
  • CTA #2

Section #4 – Social Proof

  • Testimonials (either in carousel, list, video, etc.)

Section #5 – Product/Service is Perfect…

  • Headline – (Product/service) is Perfect if You Want To…
  • List (list 3-5 benefits of using the product/service)
  • CTA #3

Section #6 – Why Everyone Loves…

  • Design/copy notes – Go over 2-3 features with visual imagery.
  • Headline – Why Everyone Loves (Product/service)

Section #7 – CTA Banner

  • Design notes – This is more of a pattern break section that separates the content from the next section. Think pattern interrupt.

Section #8 – FAQ

  • Headline – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Design/copy notes – Utilize this section to answer questions the user may have about the product/service to fulfill their research requirements so they don’t feel the need to go anywhere else.

Section #9 – Download/Order Now/Schedule Call, etc.

  • Headline – Solve (pain point) Today
  • CTA #4
  • Design/copy notes – Use this last section to recap the product/service and include a CTA to get the conversion.

Landing Page Framework Samples