Just finished your monthly reporting and now you’ve noticed the drop in organic traffic?

Start with these 3 places first. ?

1. Check the Source and Medium

Check the source and medium of where your traffic is coming from and compare those metrics YoY.

Paid search will directly influence organic traffic if you were ranking for these terms.

More commonly, this comes from increases in spend from branded search.

2. Check the Conversion Rate of Organic and Bounce Rate

An increase in bounce rate will tell you that your web pages are not fulfilling user intent. ?

Users leave when they aren’t able to find what they’re looking for, immediately.  This is likely never going to change but only become amplified as we continue to educate and evolve our online purchasing population.

The patience of organic searchers has dwindled over the years, especially for high commercial intent keywords.

A drop in conversion rate could also be due to inventory or out of stock issues. ?

Check-in with your buying team and identify possible gaps that may be correlating with your traffic drops.

3. Circle Back to Your Time Stamps

If you have a detailed and organized approach to implementing your SEO strategies, it’ll be much easier to circle back and identify what changes were made to which specific pages and how that might have affected your organic traffic. ?

4. Bonus Tips – Coming Soon

Individual page speed, on-page comments, check in-bound links, check over optimization issues with internal anchors, random algo, negative seo algo, etc.