Outreach With Content Gap v1.0

Last updated 2022-03-13

In this article from Convert4, we’re going to reviewing an outreach strategy for link building that involves providing a quick content gap analysis for the outreach prospect.

Outreach Email Used

Subject Line – I found this missing

Hey (name),

Wanted to drop you a quick line and say I found this article on (competing domain) talking about (article topic) which gets about (volume) searches for month for (keyword1), (volume) searches for (keyword2), and (volume) searches for (keyword3) but I didn’t see you ranking for these terms.

Is this something that you’re planning on covering?

We’ve done this before with great success like the following search terms on Google:

“ultra lightweight travel trailers” – 3,900 searches per month. – Camping World

“what is boondocking” – 3,000 searches per month. – Camping World

“best states for fishing” – 200 searches per month. – Overtons

“off road camping” – 350 searches per month. – Gander Outdoors

Would users from searching (keyword1) be within your target audience?


Summary of the Process

1) Pull up the prospect in Ahrefs and check Competing Domains in the left sidebar.

2) Open up another tab and run a Content Gap with the top 5 competing domains.

3) Run the content gap and identify 1 to 3 article topics for us to create for the prospect.

4) Customize the spreadsheet template.

5) You’re done!

Competing Domains

In this sample, we’re going to use www.outsideonline.com/ as an example.

Take the domain and plug into Ahrefs.com and select “Competing Domains” on the left hand column.

Once you’ve done that, filter by “Common Keywords” from highest to lowest and take note of the top 5 here.

Starting the Content Gap

Now, plug in the top 5-10 competing domains into the content gap as shown below.

Click “Show keywords” and make sure that the main domain or prospect is in the section labeled “But the following target doesn’t rank for.”

At this point, Ahrefs will find potential keywords that at least one of these 5 sites ranks for on Google but our prospect site www.outsideonline.com does not.

This is the information that we’re looking for.

Now we have our list of topics and keywords we’re going to include in our spreadsheet.

“hammock knots”

“how to tie up a hammock”

“how to tie a hammock to a tree”