Outreach with Interviews v1.0

Last updated 2020-07-06.

Hey everyone, in today’s blog I’m going to be showing you how to perform outreach with interviews.

The objective for this strategy is to find relevant influencers and websites/blogs to our client’s website, identify the right person to reach out to, and present a list of questions and article topic that we’ll be writing up to be hosted on our client’s site.  Once we have all the answers back from our potential prospect, we’ll then post this article to our client’s site & request a backlink from the prospect contributors.  Very similar to expert round-ups.

Process Outline

1. Create article topic.

2. Identify potential prospects.

3. Create questionnaire.

4. Work email customization spreadsheet.

5. Launch outreach.

6. Coordinate with bloggers/prospects.

7. Publish article topic and let bloggers know once it’s been published.

Create Article Topic

Here are some topics that are great for multiple interview inputs and quotes from prospects:

1. Trends – Example – “2020 Hiking Trends from 20 of the Best Hike Enthusiasts”

2. Tips and Advice – Example – “10 Beginner Hiking Tips from Veteran Hikers”

3. Recommendations – Example – “15 of the Best Camp Enthusiasts Recommend their Favorite Spot”

Identify Potential Prospects

This step we’ll be gathering prospects for which we’ll be reaching out to for interviews and create new backlinks to our client’s website.

Create Questionnaire

The goal here is to create a list of questions based off the initial article topic for our prospects to answer.  Once our prospect answers the questionnaire, we’ll be able to pull whatever answer we want into the article and have a variety of answers to pull from.

An easy way to find potential questions to ask is just to simply Google search “Hiking Tips” which is what our below example topic is about below.  If we take the number 1 result here – https://blog.liftopia.com/10-essential-hiking-tips-beginner-hike/, below are some questions that we might be able include in our questionnaire.

Some example questions we might want to send to the prospect for the article topic of “10 Beginner Hiking Tips from Veteran Hikers” are:

1. What’s your take on choosing trails based on skill-level or fitness?

2. Do you do any prep-work or research on the trail prior to going on your hike?

3. What about weather, when do you check and what type of weather do you prefer?

4. Packing, do you have a list of essentials that you pack for each hike?  Does this change depending on the difficulty, location, or otherwise?

5. In terms of attire, do you have specific clothing for your hikes?  What have you found be the most comfortable / best for your hiking experiences?

We only need 5-10 questions for each questionnaire.

Work Email Customization in Spreadsheet

Here is the email for reference:

Subject Line – Hey (name), We’d like to interview you!

Body – Hi (name),

I’m Mathew with Camping World, a content strategist here and we’re currently working up an article where we’re discussing (article topic) and believe our audience would love some outside expert insight.

Would you be interested in answering a few questions in an interview and we’ll feature you in the article?

Just a few quick things as well, YTD, one of our blogs has reached over 670,000 organic traffic and another over 130,000 organic traffic.  I’ve reached out to about 10 or so people and would like to get this going ASAP.

Let me know what you think!


The area you’ll be personalizing is just (article topic) for this task.

10 Beginner Hiking Tips from Veteran Hikers

Here you can see in the last column, I’ve included the title of our blog post.  This is all you need to input.

Launch Outreach

To be continued…