What are Title Tags?

Title tags decide how search engines will read your title.

They’re HTML elements of a page that tell search engines what your page is about.

Title tags are mostly used to improve the likelihood of users finding our listing in the search results & clicking on it.

How to Optimize a Title

Put yourself in the shoes of the searcher.

If your target keyword is “camping gear”, you’ll want to think what users might be looking for with camping gear.

Maybe it’s durability, or all-weather, or rain resistant, etc.  Search the target URL and find what features or benefits would look good to include in the title.

Do a search for your target keyword and see what others are writing in their titles.  Pick ideas from here if you’re stuck.

In the example above, we found:

Tents, sleeping bags, camping supplies, supplies, camping essentials, hiking gear, hiking equipment, etc.  These are all related products/categories to our target keyword phrase that we may use and keep in mind.

Try your best to stay within 50-60 characters, sometimes we may go over 60 because Google counts this section as pixel width now but to be safe, you should stay under 60.  You may check the character count at wordcounter.net.

Try to fit the target keyword within the beginning or towards the beginning of the title.

Write unique titles.  Reflect what the page is about within the title as best you can.

Do not use the same keyword more than once.