Here we breakdown how a 27.8% improvement in conversion rate lead to 40.78% more transactions and 47.65% more revenue YoY on a monthly basis to this ecommerce business.

Focusing on driving traffic through paid media and organic is an important step to reaching your revenue goals, however, this most often isn’t the most important piece to the puzzle.

In this example, traffic had stagnated due to increased market competition from much larger competitors in both organic and paid search which shifted our attention to improving our conversion funnel.

For the same amount of visitors (give or take 10%), we were able to squeeze an additional 47.65% more in revenue by making these key adjustments on this ecommerce website.

  1. Improved mobile compatibility of our homepage where most of our client’s branded traffic is arriving with high purchase-intent. Resizing banners with clear CTA, improving whitespace to reduce clutter, increase text legibility of category & PLP sections, and improving sitespeed were some of the actions taken to achieve this amazing result.
  2. Proper internal linking to top-performing categories allowed users to find what they were looking for more easily.
  3. Utilizing sidebar and lower bar sections of PLP and PDP pages allowed us to make suggestions for users to navigate towards products they were most likely to purchase.
  4. Improving technical schema on-page to show review stars in the search results caused users to choose our listings more often than our competitions.
  5. Up next we’re going to be testing new opportunities to improve one-click checkout experiences and order bumps to improve our AOV from $48 to $60 which would add an additional 25% in revenue gains.

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