How We Increased Lead Volume by 66% and Decreased CPL’s by 22%

Paid media isn’t getting any easier, that’s a fact.

However, some tried and true principles remain the same.

1.  Don’t overlap audiences.

2.  Dominate creative angle.

3.  Create market demand through offer creation.

4.  Keep it simple.

5.  Test, test, test.

Step 1 – Don’t Overlap Audiences

In this case study honored by the Facebook team, our team at Convert 4 were mentioned for improving lead volume by 66%, increasing new client acquisition by 42% while decreasing CPL’s by 22%.

To achieve these results, we consolidated and removed competing audiences.

Our structure looked something like this:


– LLA stack

– Interests

– Open broad


– Web visitor stack

– Email

– Previous converters

– Video views (we push out a lot of organic video content)

– Page engagers

Nice and neat.

Step 2 – Dominate Creative Angle

For each set of creative launched, we be sure to check these boxes:

1.  Creative size fits placement.

2.  Run carousel, video (under 14 seconds), static.

3.  Vary creative depending on market competitors.  (stop the scroll)

4.  Within 3 seconds, we know what the offer is.

Step 3 – Budgeting

During most free audits, this is where we see the biggest issue with ad accounts.

New ads are launched into top performing ad sets to then compete against winning creative.

We prefer to split our budgets through cost controls 90/10.

90% of the budget stays on winning ads, ad sets, campaigns.

While 10% of the remaining budget is utilized for testing new creative, copy, offers, etc.

This keeps the volume intact while you identify potential winners to replace your top ads.

Otherwise, you’re sort of playing roulette and with someone else’s money – not cool.

Step 4 – Test

Aside from our top landing page test converting over 40% (we have a free template for this, just reach out), our long-form copy tends to perform better with this target audience.

With link CTR’s at the end of our longform copy converting at over 28 – 30%, we knew this was the proper setup to maximize lead volume & reduce CPL’s.

Not to mention, longer-form copy warms the prospect & sets a nice pre-frame bridge before they hit the landing page.

Step 5 – Start Your Project

Need help restructuring your blog from homepage to article page & running promotion strategies to hit 700+ passive backlinks per year?  ? Reach out to us here to receive a free evaluation. ?