There’s only a few things that could impact a users ability to convert.

What Causes Users to Convert?

? What the intent and mindset of the user is as they click through to visit your page. (Are they coming from search or social?  How far down the funnel are they?)

? Landing page effectiveness (Speed, incentives, what problems you solve for the user, how well you agitate current pain points, social proof, etc.)

? Ease of completing the main CTA. (How simple is your checkout process?  How many questions are you asking in your form fills as disqualifiers?)

This is a good thing, that there are only a few levers because these levers are what makes the difference between 50% to 100% gains in revenue – PER PAGE.

So where do we start?  I figured I’d just give you my checklist that we use to perform CRO across our clients and is the main reason we still get Christmas gifts every year. (Just kidding, we’re gifted purely based off our personality and kind-heartedness, who cares about money?)



? Use product GIFs.

? Write a clear H1.

? Don’t be clever, be clear.

? Inject social proof in copy.

? Only use story-moving images.

? Increase site speed ASAP.

? Use video testimonials.

? Gear language toward the user.

? Use only 1 CTA if possible.

? Make the content interactive – don’t sacrifice speed.

? Don’t make it an “everything” page.

? Keep the design simple and clean.

? Avoid buzzwords.

? Put top info above the fold.

? Buttons should do what they say.

? Make pricing accessible.

? Be delightful with animations.


Lead Gen Big Brain CRO

? Use statistics and data that relates to your audience.

? Test using numbers in headlines, testimonials, and social proof.

? Get social proof above the fold or directly below, people want to know if they’re wasting their time.

? Explain the process, simply, what do they get and when?

? Explain who the offer is for & who it’s not for.

? Show before / after, the before should be similar to your potential prospects current position.

? Social proof!  Lots of testimonials, you should be showing proof of solving your potential prospects issues with plenty of examples.

? Agitate pain points.  Your prospect should relate to the problems you’re mentioning & how irritating they are to exist.

? Be relatable.

? OVER DELIVER on your offer, whatever it is, PDF, templates, checklists, whatever.  This is what your prospect will have in mind IF they remember you after opting-in.


How Well Does This Work?

Here’s a screenshot of our best converting offer landing page to-date and it follows everything you see above.  This page converted over 1,600 leads at an average of ~39%.

Which converted 246% better than the overall average across the board.  By following this process, we refined our ability to deliver catered strategy based off winning experiments – pure bliss.

Let me know what tactic you’re going to try first by replying here!  Talk soon,