From 270 keywords in position 1-3 on Google to 3,985. A 14.76x case study on SEO.

SEO Challenges Solved

For this particular client, we were faced with solving issues regarding:

  1. Lacking content which led to competitors having the majority of topical relevance on topics and questions our potential customers were asking online.
  2. Natural link growth from reporters utilizing competitor articles as sources in high-quality backlinked articles.

How Did We Solve These SEO Challenges?

Understanding market trends regarding written content production with the use of AI has left us only one choice to beat out the competition…

To win in our client’s market, we:

  1. Wrote better introductory hooks within our content pieces to encourage readers to stay on the page longer and consume more content.
  2. Implemented video and graphics to keep users engaged and differentiate our content from our competitors.
  3. Utilize data and surveys to improve our articles into becoming more linkable from journalist sources to earn more natural backlinks on a recurring basis.
  4. Internally link content together strategically and tactfully. Below is a diagram illustrating how we internally link between our content pages to improve user flow & topical relevance across our site which Google loves.

The Results

After implementing these techniques, we were able to accomplish:

  1. Driving an average of $41,101 in organic revenue every month. (10x our retainer fee)
  2. Totaled 9,289 in organic transactions over the last 12 months.
  3. Drove a total of 348,327 new users to the site.
  4. Reach over 3,300 in referring domains to our site which improved authority, social proof, and helped improve organic rankings (sitewide.)