How we Rank Service Pages That Drive Leads and Revenue

Creating links to service pages that drive leads isn’t easy.

In this case study & campaign we break down a few of the tactics that we used to improve organic traffic by 46% YoY which resulted in a 68% increase in revenue over the past 8 months totaling $340,923.67 in new revenue.

Step 1 – Create Your Service Pages

For this project, we identified what content we needed to cover to rank for “keyword + extended warranty” a highly competitive term in the auto niche.

Within the page, we covered topics such as:

1.  The difference between warranty and insurance.

2.  What not to worry about.

3.  Benefits like convenience of having this warranty.

4.  What investment looked like for the researching prospect.

5.  What benefits were available for travel.  (a highly-sought after topic within this niche)

6.  What coverage was included and not included.

7.  How to decide between coverages.

Essentially, we were creating a page that answered 90% or greater of questions a potential prospect searching for our target keywords needed in order to take the next action.  (convert to a lead.)

Step 2 – Promote, Promote, Promote

Compared to the rest of the page 1 results, our page didn’t contain very many links which helps bolster the authority and “legitimize” our words over others.

Over time through continual outreach and link building, we were able to build 140+ referring domains linking to this page which helped us stand out over the rest of page 1 results.

Even without the highest referring domain count and tying for #1 for top UR, we rank and continue to rank #1.

You’ll notice as well, that our KW count is significantly higher than the rest of the competition, this is due to our extensive research into what users are actually looking for by searching this topic & covering that directly.

Step 3 – Site Siloing

Mapping your contextually relevant pages is more important now than ever before.

Users & Google are looking for a seamless experience that gets them the best answer as quickly as possible.

We do that by creating internal linking site silos like the diagram below.

Google loves this stuff.

It’s easier to crawl.

Users navigate to what they need conveniently.

It’s a no-brainer.

Step 4 – Start Your Project

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