Process – How to Prospect Contact Information With Phantombuster

How to Prospect Contact Information With Phantombuster Here’s the process:   Steps – Scraping Contact Information Step 1 – Select LinkedIn Phantoms.   Step 2 – Select LinkedIn Profile Scraper. –   Step 3 – Select +Use this Phantom.   Step 4 – Connect to LinkedIn – Follow the steps, Login to LinkedIn in […]

SEO – How to Prospect for New Backlink Opportunities

Prospecting for Backlink Opportunities v1.0 In this short post, I’m going to be breaking down how to identify and prospect for new backlink opportunities.   Step 1 – Identify Niche Target Based on URL Let’s say the website we’re working with is: Target Website – Target URL #1 –   Now that we’ve […]

Process – The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist

The Prioritized SEO Audit Checklist Content ? Search intent ? Keyword placement above fold ? Necessary topic coverage ? Duplicate content ? Duplicate topic coverage ? Unique angle ? Word length ? Heading usage ? Internal linking ? Internal linking anchor usage ? Author privilege ? Keyword or topic cannibalism ? Overoptimization ? Readability level […]

SEO – Why Being Reactive and Proactive in SEO is Important

What’s the Difference Between Proactive and Reactive SEO? Being proactive in SEO means you’re making optimization improvements to your pages based on what you know moves you up in rank. Things like: 1. Using short URLs. 2. Targeting the right keywords for the page. 3. Answering search intent. 4. Using h2’s as a place to […]

SEO – Outreach with Interviews

Outreach with Interviews v1.0 Last updated 2020-07-06. Hey everyone, in today’s blog I’m going to be showing you how to perform outreach with interviews. The objective for this strategy is to find relevant influencers and websites/blogs to our client’s website, identify the right person to reach out to, and present a list of questions and […]

SEO – Keyword Research

Understanding Keyword Research Last Updated 2021-10-16 Summary of The Process 1) Identify what the page is about. 2) Find synonyms just in case your initial thought doesn’t show any decent results over 100 search volume. 3) Perform the search in Google. 4) Take a page that is most similar to what our page is talking […]