Paid Media – Case Study – From Zero to Leads

Problem – how do we sell a $30k+ atmospheric water generator? Solution – read more below. Scope of Work: Email automation setup through Klaviyo. Facebook and Google ad account setup. Website redesign and migration. Facebook ad creative and copy. Video ad creation. Dashboard tracking all important KPIs. Lead magnet creation. Analytics install, pixel integration, and […]

Paid Media – Case Study – 35% More Leads

Problem – how do we reduce our client’s cost per lead while driving up volume? Solution – read more below. Scope of Work: Facebook paid media. Conversion rate optimization. Ad and copy creation. Website conversion from Wix to WordPress with dynamic landing pages. Landing page CRO. Offer creation. Here’s how May (1st through 11th) is […]

CRO – Case Study – 27.8% Conversion Improvement

Conversion improvement

Here we breakdown how a 27.8% improvement in conversion rate lead to 40.78% more transactions and 47.65% more revenue YoY on a monthly basis to this ecommerce business. Focusing on driving traffic through paid media and organic is an important step to reaching your revenue goals, however, this most often isn’t the most important piece […]

SEO – Case Study – 14.76x Keyword Improvement

From 270 keywords in position 1-3 on Google to 3,985. A 14.76x case study on SEO. SEO Challenges Solved For this particular client, we were faced with solving issues regarding: Lacking content which led to competitors having the majority of topical relevance on topics and questions our potential customers were asking online. Natural link growth […]

Paid Media – Case Study – Google Ads Scale

How we scaled this Google Ads account to grow an additional $47k in sales in just 3 months. Prioritizing Smart Shopping campaigns, Dynamic Search Ads, and testing any new features or Google products were what helped us scale this ad account into positive numbers. Over 3-months we net nearly $47k in 3-months in a highly […]

SEO – Case Study – 1,826% Revenue Improvement

Updated SEO Case Study As we saw in this case study here –, it’s no surprise technical SEO can explode traffic and revenue when done correctly. Below is the most recent results from improving our technical page experience and page speed values. Recap of Strategies Remove bloat. Get rid of AMP and rely on […]

SEO – Case Study – 108% Traffic Improvement

How We Optimize Technical SEO to Improve Rankings As Google releases more and more anti-SEO algorithms targeting traditional methods of ranking website pages, technical SEO and user experience will become increasingly important. One bucket spills as the other fills. Below we’re going to breakdown an experiment we ran improving some technical and user experience components […]

Paid Media – Case Study – 66% Increase in Lead Volume, 22% Decrease CPL

How We Increased Lead Volume by 66% and Decreased CPL’s by 22% Paid media isn’t getting any easier, that’s a fact. However, some tried and true principles remain the same. 1.  Don’t overlap audiences. 2.  Dominate creative angle. 3.  Create market demand through offer creation. 4.  Keep it simple. 5.  Test, test, test. Step 1 […]

SEO – Case Study – 46% Traffic Increase, 68% Revenue Increase

How we Rank Service Pages That Drive Leads and Revenue Creating links to service pages that drive leads isn’t easy. In this case study & campaign we break down a few of the tactics that we used to improve organic traffic by 46% YoY which resulted in a 68% increase in revenue over the past […]

SEO – Case Study – 700+ Backlinks Generated Per Year

How We Created a Blog That Generates 700+ Backlinks Per Year We all know creating content relevant to our services/products improves top-of-funnel traffic & bolsters our relevancy towards these keywords with Google but how do we create a structure & machine that generates more backlinks naturally? For the majority of our clients, we’re running outreach […]