Paid Media – Case Study – 35% More Leads

Problem – how do we reduce our client’s cost per lead while driving up volume? Solution – read more below. Scope of Work: Facebook paid media. Conversion rate optimization. Ad and copy creation. Website conversion from Wix to WordPress with dynamic landing pages. Landing page CRO. Offer creation. Here’s how May (1st through 11th) is […]

Paid Media – Case Study – Google Ads Scale

How we scaled this Google Ads account to grow an additional $47k in sales in just 3 months. Prioritizing Smart Shopping campaigns, Dynamic Search Ads, and testing any new features or Google products were what helped us scale this ad account into positive numbers. Over 3-months we net nearly $47k in 3-months in a highly […]

Paid Media – Case Study – 66% Increase in Lead Volume, 22% Decrease CPL

How We Increased Lead Volume by 66% and Decreased CPL’s by 22% Paid media isn’t getting any easier, that’s a fact. However, some tried and true principles remain the same. 1.  Don’t overlap audiences. 2.  Dominate creative angle. 3.  Create market demand through offer creation. 4.  Keep it simple. 5.  Test, test, test. Step 1 […]