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SEO – Case Study – 700+ Backlinks Generated Per Year

How We Created a Blog That Generates 700+ Backlinks Per Year We all know creating content relevant to our services/products improves top-of-funnel traffic & bolsters our relevancy towards these keywords with Google but how do we create a structure & machine that generates more backlinks naturally? For the majority of our clients, we’re running outreach […]


SEO – Outreach With Content Gap

Outreach With Content Gap v1.0 Last updated 2020-06-29 In this article, we’re going to reviewing an outreach strategy for link building that involves providing a quick content gap analysis for the outreach prospect. Outreach Email Used Subject Line – I found this missing Hey (name), Wanted to drop you a quick line and say I […]


SEO – Keyword Research

Keyword Research Last Updated 2020-06-28 Summary of The Process 1) Identify what the page is about. 2) Find synonyms just in case your initial thought doesn’t show any decent results over 100 search volume. 3) Perform the search in Google. 4) Take a page that is most similar to what our page is talking about […]


SEO – Site Siloing

Internal Linking and Site Siloing Today we’re going to talk about the proper way to contextually internally link from content to content and content to PLP & PDP pages. What are contextual internal links? Contextual internal links are anchored phrases that link from content piece to content piece. Something like the below example. We’ve also […]


SEO – Anchor Text Types

Defining Anchor Text Types In this task, we’re going to be checking the internal links and anchor text used for given website pages. The Types of Anchor Text Miscellaneous Anchor Text This anchor text is anything that falls under generic and doesn’t focus around a specific keyword or phrase. Generic Generic anchor text may be […]


SEO – Is it Working?

Running Blind With SEO Imagine this. ? You’re finishing up delegating tasks to your team and realize the song that just came on isn’t a favorite. Your workflow is completely interrupted. So, you, being an intelligent and capable person, open up Spotify or YouTube, whatever it is and click your favorite playlist. You hit play […]


SEO – Content Gap Analysis on Massive Sites

Let’s do some SEO. ?️‍♂️ Recently we were requested to provide a content gap analysis for a website containing over 1.8 million indexed pages in Google. I know what you’re thinking. Holy SH*T. Try exporting keyword rankings, top URLs, parent topics, etc. out of Ahrefs with an Agency plan. Good luck. That wasn’t going to […]


Facebook Ads – Relating to Your Audience

Hello everyone ?, Hope you’re all staying safe and sound through this whole mess. Today, I wanted to write a quick blog showing the power of copy and creative in Facebook ads and some tips to create similar results for your campaigns. For this client spotlight, we’ll be talking about Tom Ferry who primarily targets […]


SEO – Optimizing Content

Optimizing Content for SEO Below is what we’ll address in this article: ? Rewriting for unique content. ? Improving reading levels. ? Adding target keyword within the first 100 words. ? Using keyword variations in H2 elements. ? Using keyword variations within content paragraphs. ? Ensuring the content is helpful to users. Let’s get started. […]

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