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Process – CRO Checklist

There’s only a few things that could impact a users ability to convert. What Causes Users to Convert? ? What the intent and mindset of the user is as they click through to visit your page. (Are they coming from search or social?  How far down the funnel are they?) ? Landing page effectiveness (Speed, incentives, what problems you […]

SEO – Case Study – 1,826% Revenue Improvement

Updated SEO Case Study As we saw in this case study here –, it’s no surprise technical SEO can explode traffic and revenue when done correctly. Below is the most recent results from improving our technical page experience and page speed values. Recap of Strategies Remove bloat. Get rid of AMP and rely on […]

SEO – Case Study – 107% Traffic Improvement

How We Optimize Technical SEO to Improve Rankings As Google releases more and more anti-SEO algorithms targeting traditional methods of ranking website pages, technical SEO and user experience will become increasingly important. One bucket spills as the other fills. Below we’re going to breakdown an experiment we ran improving some technical and user experience components […]

Paid Media – Case Study – 66% Increase in Lead Volume, 22% Decrease CPL

How We Increased Lead Volume by 66% and Decreased CPL’s by 22% Paid media isn’t getting any easier, that’s a fact. However, some tried and true principles remain the same. 1.  Don’t overlap audiences. 2.  Dominate creative angle. 3.  Create market demand through offer creation. 4.  Keep it simple. 5.  Test, test, test.   Step […]