Landing Page Offer

Create An Irresistible Offer

  1. One OBVIOUS benefit driving question above the fold to declare value proposition.
  2. Remove all distracting imagery, keep a clean and simple background color to draw attention to headline.
  3. Circle 70% – people love numbers.
  4. Use visual cues to encourage scrolling and consumption of more information.
  5. Insert VSL (video sales letter).
  6. Social proof – add clients.
  7. For the body, forget elaborate design, go simple letter with emphasis on powerful messaging.
  8. Write to the target audience (VP/Executive).
  9. Highlight, bold, or circle points we want to drive home. Pattern interrupts.
  10. Write bold headings introducing each section of content.
  11. Use contrasting color palette to draw attention to CTA’s.
  12. CTA’s should describe irresistible offer.

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Sales Page Strategy

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