Landing Page Redesign

Improve Conversions - Problems Solved

  1. Demonstrate benefits above the fold.
  2. Add a large CTA button to top right, this should be conveniently placed on mobile for users to easily hit the CTA.
  3. Keep distractions minimal.
  4. Add CTA below the fold, including click-to-call phone number.
  5. Categorize the different types of turf applications to capture as wide a range of leads as possible.
  6. Cover the benefits of artificial turf with illustrative design on a dark background to draw attention.
  7. Create a self scheduler similar to calendly booking. Keep booking options to one form and type to improve conversion rate.
  8. Inject reviews to provide social proof and brand authenticity.
  9. Display before/after sliders for portfolio pieces.
  10. Conclude the page with a map location and basic business information to add legitimacy.

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Sales Page Strategy

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