DFY (Done For You) Incrementality Testing

Get a monthly report of all your website changes pre and post performance to identify what works and what doesn’t.

What is Incrementality Testing?

Incrementality testing in digital marketing is the measurement difference of efforts to identify how well a specific tactic worked. For example, if you made UI/UX design changes to Page A and want to know how well this change impacted traffic, conversions, revenue, impression share, etc., An incrementality testing report would give you the facts. However, incrementality testing can be utilized across many different types of changes, not just design UI/UX.

How Does Incrementality Testing Work?

Running a marketing department where 10’s or hundreds of changes are made across different web pages every month can be extremely taxing to analyze yourself & out-of-the-box tools like Google Analytics and GSC don’t currently have this functionality themselves. Incrementality testing will identify what tactics, efforts, and resources have worked and which haven’t – to what degree. Below are some popular options our clients are finding helpful to improve their marketing department efficiency & results.

What can Incrementality Testing Measure?

We can measure any value found in Google Analytics or Google Search Console at the landing page-level.

  1. Publishing new content and want to know how many more people are seeing your listings? Check.
  2. Optimizing your website pages with SEO and want to see traffic increases/decreases? Check.
  3. Testing new page designs to improve revenue / conversion? Check.
  4. Building backlinks or running PR campaigns to improve authority and rankings? Check.
  5. Migrating platforms or changing page templates & want to know pre/post performance? Check.
  6. Anything is possible.

How is Incrementality Testing Helpful?

As soon as your website changes are consistently tracked in pre and post-performance, we start to identify trends. As these trends develop, you’ll find it much easier to dictate which strategies, vendors, tactics, and efforts should be focused on to reach maximum KPIs & which should be reduced to maximize efficiency.

  1. (GSC) Impressions – how many people saw your listings in Google.
  2. (GSC) Clicks – how many people clicked on your listings and visited a website page.
  3. (GSC) CTR – what percentage of people who saw your listing clicked through.
  4. (GSC) Average Position – what is the overall average ranking position of keywords Google has ranked for your pages.
  5. (GA) Users – how many users visited your pages.
  6. (GA) New Users – how many unique users visited your pages.
  7. (GA) Transactions – how many conversions took place on this page.
  8. (GA) Revenue – how much revenue did these conversions equate to.
  9. (GA) Goals – how many goal conversions did we achieve.
  10. and more…

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