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We found a very unique approach to SEO this past month that just works for ecommerce and lead gen-based businesses. With our simple 5-step process, we're able to transform websites into fast traffic and revenue driving machines. All without having to break the bank and expand internal teams to compete with big box brands.


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Our Simple 5-Step Process
to Explosive Organic Traffic

By following this order of operations, our clients are seeing incredible results.

  • Technical SEO

    Make the site super fast, free of errors, and user friendly.

  • On-Page SEO

    Improve keyword targeting of your pages and answer search intent quickly.

  • Off-Page SEO

    Promote your pages to earn more "votes" or backlinks to gain authority.

  • Content Creation

    Write engaging content targeting what your potential customers are searching for.

  • Incrementality Testing

    Measure the effectiveness of each website change, scale winners and remove losers.

We Are Revolutionizing SEO


  • Optimize pages and pray for results.
  • Use old tracking and analysis methods through Google Analytics.
  • Earning irrelevant backlinks that don't work.
  • Try to push a slow or technical SEO littered website to the first page.
  • Ignore Google and UX page layout preferences.


  • Improve your website speed and experience through our elite developers.
  • Get all your website content planned by SEO analysts.
  • Improve your website design or page layout with our senior UI/UX designers.
  • Earn high-quality links and mentions throughout the web.
  • Gain access to a robust report through our proprietary SEO tracking tool, learn what works best for your site, and achieve full transparency.

Over 100+ Satisfied Clients Rely on
Convert 4 for Driving Organic Results

Convert4 has done an excellent job. We’re very satisfied. They give us great reporting. They’re very responsive to our needs. The overall service level has been very high.

- Petmate.

Convert 4 provide us with a great in-depth, detailed view of areas of improvement for our site along with suggestions on how to leverage these findings for optimal SEO value.

- Daniel Dagman

The team at C4 have been imperative to the success of our online exposure and lead volume. C4’s quick turn around, clear communication, and strategic insights helped us dominate our market and we highly recommended them.

- Kiel B.

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to have a team like Convert 4.

- Karly K.

I would highly recommend Convert 4 if you're looking for an analytical consultant that can help you find the gaps of opportunity that are presently in your business.

- Bardia R.

So Who is Convert 4?

Great question, here's what we're about:

Convert 4 measures hundreds of unique website changes across our clients per month and evaluates how those changes performed. Tracking keyword movement, how traffic improved or declined, and most importantly, how these changes impacted revenue and lead volume.

Identify what keywords will drive revenue through our proprietary keyword projection tools.

Become the "go-to" for information your potential customers are searching for.

Learn and grow with us as we measure performance of each action taken.

Improve your website over competitors.

Pay a fraction of what it costs for building an internal team

Get exclusive access to our database of working tactics.

Let's Break This Down

You want to increase your organic traffic and improve conversions but
Google is complex and other professionals make things a headache.

I'm Referring To...

  • Fear of Google algorithm updates destroying your website.
  • Inauthentic SEO methods that aren't improving the experience of your users.
  • Getting stuck on page 2 without any advice and plenty of "IDK's"
  • The time sink of researching, prioritizing, and creating new content to stay relevant.
  • Spending $50k minimum on an internal SEO who acts as a "One Person Army"
  • Investing in costly enterprise tools superseding hundreds of thousands per year to compete efficiently.

With an industry that changes so rapidly, the entry-level costs of doing SEO yourself can add up astronomically fast, and the opportunity loss eclipses this investment when you're not position #1.

Our free consultation will identify where you're at, what's stands in your
way, and how you can achieve results the fastest.

Which is Why We
Created Convert 4!

Simply put, it's time to take advantage of the traffic and revenue that's waiting for you in position #1.

For many of our clients, SEO ROI is more than 10x - 20x every month, beating out nearly every paid marketing channel.

Our clients achieve these results because of the compounding efforts performed early to strengthen the foundation of websites outlined in our 5-step order of operations.

I've Been in Your Shoes

  • Not too many years ago, I worked in-house as an SEO, paid buyer, and consultant building a marketing department for a $50m+ business.
  • It's exhausting running everything yourself and having to chase after vendors providing lackluster services.
  • Vanilla reporting from Google Analytics or Search Console lacks meaningful data.

I know firsthand what you're looking for, what will make your life and job more hassle-free, and how you can achieve results for your department. We've created everything I wish I had in an agency, and now we're paying it forward.

Our Recent Results

Should We See if We're Compatible?

  • Never gonna give you up.
  • Never gonna let you down.
  • Going to rank and drive revenue for you.

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